Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fr. Jacobson at Cardinal Bea's Courtyard (above)
What do watches, Tums and Smuckers jelly have in common? They are part of the mission of the Cardinal Bea House, a retirement home in Spokane, Washington on Gonzaga University's campus.

Several retired Jesuits priests live there, including Father Jim Jacobson, S.J., the Minister of the House.

"The minister of the house is the person who takes care of the ordinary." -- Father Jim Jacobson, S.J.

As Minister of the House, Father Jacobson runs errands for the home's residents who are physically limited. On a warm fall day, Father Jacobson's tasks include picking up three watches from a repair shop, grabbing some Tums from a local pharmacy, and trying to find a certain flavor of Smuckers jelly. He's still looking for that jelly.

Prayer Chapel at Cardinal Bea House (above)
Prayer ministry is another part of the mission. The house has two chapels where mass takes place frequently. The active residents of the Cardinal Bea House like to contribute.

"It's a blessing to be around like minded people," said Father Jacobson.

The Jesuit priests who call the Cardinal Bea House home think in terms of community. They enjoy giving back. While the home is located on the Gonzaga campus, the home is not part of the university. However, Father Jacobson said the residents enjoy being in the heart of student learning because they can witness student growth.

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